Busy on the Farm

The farm is starting to feel more and more like an actual farm now.. its so exciting!!  It’s been two months now since the move but it seems like it’s been longer.. and I think it looks like it has too.

Let me introduce you to all the newbies on the farm!!

Our new Nigerian Dwarf goats! They are so fun and sweet.  Rosie is hopefully pregnant and due sometime in winter.  Daisy has been a mommy before and when we got her the owner had never milked her but a couple days after getting her home the poor things utters were so swollen and so we researched how to milk a goat and.. we milked a goat!! Fun experience and the milk tasted amazing.. no goatiness like you normally taste in the store bought stuff!  She’s officially dried up now but so excited for after her and Rosie have babies to be getting fresh goats milk all the time!  And Baby Girl is so cute.. the original owner did not get to spend much time with her so she’s a little skidish around us but she’s slowly warming up to us the more we are around her.


And here’s Tommy!! We were originally not planning on getting a buck because they can be pretty hard to keep in a fence, but after getting the does we wanted to be able to breed them without having to take them somewhere so when Tommy came up on craigslist Mitsi jumped on the opportunity.  He’s a Nubian Dwarf Nigerian cross.. which means he will produce offspring that are smaller like nigerians but have heavier milk supply like Nubians. We’ll see what happens.  The first morning after having him he broke down the fence we had him to separate him from the does.  Paul started putting up an electric fence to keep him in, but he seems to be doing fine for now just being with the does.. he just needs his ladies around him I guess:)


And we have many, many new chickens.  We have the 12 older chickens that we got shortly after moving and then we have 15 egg layer chicks that are really like teeny boppers now.. you can see one of them in the pick below with Rosie.  They’re really fun and Liza loves to play with them.  And then we have 15 other teeny bopper chicks that we are trying not to get too attached to because they will be dinner soon.. poor things:(  And then we just got another 25 baby chicks.. so fluffy!


And we finally got the back field bush hogged.. so now we can get to work on tilling and getting ready for spring planting!!

This has been such an adventure already and it’s only been two months! What do you think will come next?! Your guess is as good as mine.. can’t wait!!

Healthy But Not, Apple Blueberry Muffins

So yummy!!

I mean, lets face it.. there is really no healthy muffin that tastes really good, at least not without giving it a taste handicap because it is healthy for you, right?!  So this is my version of a healthy muffin but really its not that healthy.. however they are amazingly good, and you can kindof feel a little guilt free since they have carrots, apples and blueberries in them, and a little less sugar than your typical muffin.  These are great for an on the go breakfast or snack that will keep you going for awhile and my favorite is to enjoy it with a cup of coffee.  But I also love these as a great gift to bring to new mommies.. we all know how hungry new mommies get while taking care of and feeding their newborns, and these are the perfect snack to keep her going and to conquer that sweet tooth as well.. especially after that middle of the night baby feeding when you are starving but have no energy what so ever to pull something together.  Try it.. and you tell me if its too good to be healthy or not?! Continue reading

Ambushed Chickens

Who knew that moving was so hard?! Oh yea.. everyone knows!

We’ve been on the farm for almost a month now and still trying to settle in..  but there’s so much stuff!! Between Mitsi’s and my kitchen additions we have double and some triple of every kitchen appliance and gadget you could ever want.. although I’m sure we will still find a way to buy new gadgets.  But so so much stuff.. it seems like we will never get through the madness of boxes.  But, all is gong well with the merging of everyone and everything.  However, not so much for the chickens though..

IMG_2756The morning after moving in was a sad, sad day. I step out the back door on my way to take the dogs for a walk around the property and I hear chickens scuffling and squaking, and I look pass the trees to see whats happening and I see a black dog chasing the chickens. I run faster than I have run in a long time and as I get there the dog has her teeth in one of the chickens.. I charge through the fence yelling and clapping my hands and finally get to the dog and throw myself at her, my hands pushing her neck down to the ground. I drag her by the neck out of the fence and then scare her off through the front of the property. I run back to the chickens.. Continue reading

Liza’s Baby Room

Crib and Vintage children's records

Crib and Vintage children’s records

Liza’s room was inspired by vintage children’s records found in a thrift store.  From there it turned into such an amazing, whimsical, vintage storybook kind of place. My sister being the amazing crafter she is made me some pillows and the rocking chair cover, along with the little cloth flower pins with all mix-matchy vintage looking patterns.  The Robins egg blue walls acted as a great neutral background like sky Continue reading