Healthy But Not, Apple Blueberry Muffins

So yummy!!

I mean, lets face it.. there is really no healthy muffin that tastes really good, at least not without giving it a taste handicap because it is healthy for you, right?!  So this is my version of a healthy muffin but really its not that healthy.. however they are amazingly good, and you can kindof feel a little guilt free since they have carrots, apples and blueberries in them, and a little less sugar than your typical muffin.  These are great for an on the go breakfast or snack that will keep you going for awhile and my favorite is to enjoy it with a cup of coffee.  But I also love these as a great gift to bring to new mommies.. we all know how hungry new mommies get while taking care of and feeding their newborns, and these are the perfect snack to keep her going and to conquer that sweet tooth as well.. especially after that middle of the night baby feeding when you are starving but have no energy what so ever to pull something together.  Try it.. and you tell me if its too good to be healthy or not?! Continue reading

Liza’s Baby Room

Crib and Vintage children's records

Crib and Vintage children’s records

Liza’s room was inspired by vintage children’s records found in a thrift store.  From there it turned into such an amazing, whimsical, vintage storybook kind of place. My sister being the amazing crafter she is made me some pillows and the rocking chair cover, along with the little cloth flower pins with all mix-matchy vintage looking patterns.  The Robins egg blue walls acted as a great neutral background like sky Continue reading

Alone on the Beach

It’s a whole new experience being a mom on the beach, and I’m just gonna put it out there.. a whole new experience as a single mom on the beach.
I’m sure it gets easier as they get older but with an 18 month old.. Fun.. but not so easy. Liza did not respond to the pool so much but when we went down to the beach her eyes lit up and she started squeeling and squirming to get out of my arms. She got her feet on that sand and wiggled her little toes in it and took off towards the waves! Oh she was so cute running into those waves for her first time and she just giggled her little chuckling laugh.
That in itself makes this whole trip so amazing. Continue reading


I conquered my first week of being a stay at home mommy.. and when I say conquered, I mean CONQUERED!
The week started with my sister and Liza’s four cousins visiting, (side note: according to my niece, Liza is her cousin-sister, so cute!) which is always an amazing time! But not gonna lie, it does get pretty crowded in my little two bedroom house. When they visit Liza stays in her pack n play in my room and the other kids stay in Liza’s room.
The week started with Liza breaking in four new molars, so she was so winey and clingy, not that I blame my poor sweet girl. That part wasn’t too bad though, she takes teething like a champ. Then, her and I both had allergies, itchy eyes, nose grossness and coughs. Through all of that Liza did not miss the opportunities to have an awesome b-day party for cousin Luke, slide down a slide all by herself for the first time, and have a super fun living room dance off with all four cousins.. cutest thing I’ve ever watched. But what came next I feel certifies any mother as all powerful mommy.. warning: what comes next is not for the squeamish. Continue reading