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Let My Light Shine



Quote by George Saunders / Photo credit: Angie Thier (my sister:)

As I stood there listening to the words of my soon to be husband, with slight tears forming in my eyes thinking about how my life was about to change in so many ways.. Good ways, but so much change.  My husband to be, said something that will always be engrained in me.  He vowed that he would be there to ‘Let my Light Shine’.

Two years later, I’m reflecting back to those words, thinking about what I want that light to be.  Where am I headed, where do I belong, what am I doing?  So many questions.  How do I let that light out when I’m bogged down by the day to day, full time work and full time mommy hood, and full time wife hood, and all the other hoods.

Truly, I think it all boils down to one question that over and over comes into my mind.. What is my purpose?  Whew.. that’s a big one!

I’m not sure I will ever fully know the answer to this question.  I think I’m discovering that I’m living in my purpose everyday.  Maybe God doesn’t have this huge blow your mind purpose for my life that I’m going to see all of a sudden one day.  Maybe my purpose is just in the simple day to day.

I have found that I have been placed in situations throughout my career path, where I have been able to use something from my past experiences to help guide someone elses. But also, just not even realizing that how I deal with people and deal with life happenings has really impacted the people I have worked with, and vise versa. I struggle continuously with thinking that my work (that has mostly been in retail management), was not that important, how am I really helping people with life when I’m selling clothes?  But when I look back, I realize and see the impacts I’ve made.  Some not so great, I’ll admit that.  But I lived life with my coworkers, mentoring, challenging, coaching and listening, and failing sometimes, and as I watch some of their lives develop and change (thank goodness for social media!), I smile and hope that a little a piece of me is still with each one of them as they go through life.

I am really discovering the biggest purpose of all that I have is in my children.  Helping my girls discover their beauty and worth inside and out, their strength, and their passions, and how their ‘lights can shine’.  Teaching them life’s lessons, and showing them how to process things going on in the world.  This is a big purpose, too big.. thank goodness for faith and prayer to help me along the way.  And an amazing husband that’s supportive every step of the way.

I’m discovering now even just as I am writing this, that my purpose is all around me.  Mind blown a little bit.. exactly why I write, because sometimes answers get written that I didn’t even realize I had!

I am going to ‘Let my light shine’ today, and tomorrow, and the next.. and hope it encourages someone else along the way.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13



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