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Liza’s Baby Room

Crib and Vintage children's records

Crib and Vintage children’s records

Liza’s room was inspired by vintage children’s records found in a thrift store.  From there it turned into such an amazing, whimsical, vintage storybook kind of place. My sister being the amazing crafter she is made me some pillows and the rocking chair cover, along with the little cloth flower pins with all mix-matchy vintage looking patterns.  The Robins egg blue walls acted as a great neutral background like sky to be able to do the pops of other colors in the room; the yellow crib, pink ticking stripe curtains, and all the colors in the children’s records and old vintage toys I collected as I visited thrift stores.  Everything came together in such a perfect way!  I enjoyed sitting in this room at the beginnings of mommy hood;  mornings, or late nights, or whenever my sweet girl needed me.. almost more than I enjoyed my own room:)

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