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Alone on the Beach

It’s a whole new experience being a mom on the beach, and I’m just gonna put it out there.. a whole new experience as a single mom on the beach.
I’m sure it gets easier as they get older but with an 18 month old.. Fun.. but not so easy. Liza did not respond to the pool so much but when we went down to the beach her eyes lit up and she started squeeling and squirming to get out of my arms. She got her feet on that sand and wiggled her little toes in it and took off towards the waves! Oh she was so cute running into those waves for her first time and she just giggled her little chuckling laugh.
That in itself makes this whole trip so amazing. This was followed by me jumping the waves with her and then following her every step down the beach and catching her every fall. This is great but it is exhausting.. those days of laying out on the sunny beach with my bikini, reading a magazine and just soaking up the sun and listening to the waves crash while I doze off are gone.
I did decide one afternoon, thanks to Grandma babysitting while Liza was napping, and my sisters family was out at one of those crazy go cart fun extravaganzas, to go out to the beach and try to get that amazing sun soaking experience that I longed for. I put my cute bikini on.. I had been wearing my tankini for running around with Liza.. and I packed a couple Coronas and walked down to the beach. The whole time giving myself a pep talk on how I can sit on the beach by myself and enjoy my time and relax.
I found an empty umbrella chair to post at and got all settled, I pulled out a corona , and sat back and enjoyed the waves. I gazed around and Im not gonna lie, I totally was looking around for a guy that could come hit on me. I know.. so silly, but I totally wanted that in the moment. I laid there for a bit and finished my beer, and then I thought I should go out into the water to be able to make myself more approachable maybe. Well, the waves were rediculous at the moment and I’m pretty sure I looked rediculous fighting each wave that crashed into me and then that walk back out of the water that makes you look like a drunk person with every step. I finally got back to my chair, laid back out, and I just started laughing at myself a little. Gosh, I felt like such a fool! I mean I am a pretty confident person but there is just nothing like sitting on the beach alone to knock all the confidence out of ya. I sat there and drank my other Corona, watched all the families building sand castles, the cute couples strolling hand in hand, the dads throwing their kids into the water, and had a little pity party for myself but then I realized that it’s just not my life right now to have that someone to share the beach with.. and that as exhausting as it is to jump waves with Liza and catch her every stumble, I am so ok with her being that special someone right now. But if there are any guys out there reading this right now.. next time you’re at the beach and see a pretty girl on the beach by herself, it could just make her day to have you give her a little hit on;)



2 thoughts on “Alone on the Beach

  1. Oh Tammy, you would be such a great catch for any guy, and not just because you’re physically beautiful! You’re worth way more than that! I can’t imagine the void/loneliness, but keep your chin up! You are so loved by many, and that special guy might not just hit on you on the beach, but get to know you first, if you know what I mean. 😉 PS I love the pictures!


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