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I conquered my first week of being a stay at home mommy.. and when I say conquered, I mean CONQUERED!
The week started with my sister and Liza’s four cousins visiting, (side note: according to my niece, Liza is her cousin-sister, so cute!) which is always an amazing time! But not gonna lie, it does get pretty crowded in my little two bedroom house. When they visit Liza stays in her pack n play in my room and the other kids stay in Liza’s room.
The week started with Liza breaking in four new molars, so she was so winey and clingy, not that I blame my poor sweet girl. That part wasn’t too bad though, she takes teething like a champ. Then, her and I both had allergies, itchy eyes, nose grossness and coughs. Through all of that Liza did not miss the opportunities to have an awesome b-day party for cousin Luke, slide down a slide all by herself for the first time, and have a super fun living room dance off with all four cousins.. cutest thing I’ve ever watched. But what came next I feel certifies any mother as all powerful mommy.. warning: what comes next is not for the squeamish.
We went to dinner with the fam which already was horrible because we had to wait 40 minutes for what was supposed to be a 20 minute wait, then once seated the waiter took another 15 minutes to even come take our drink orders.. went ahead and put the kids orders in but it took forever for their food to come. Meanwhile, during this whole time Liza was doing ok but then started getting very winey and unsettled, I thought she was just tired, hungry and bored of the place. Nope.. the food finally came and I tried getting her to eat her favorite, mac and cheese, but she wouldn’t eat it. And I soon realized why. Yep.. she threw up everywhere, right there in her high chair in the restaurant! And not just a little throw up, more throw up then should be able to fit in that little belly of hers. I took her to the bathroom to get her wiped down and changed, and I must give my sister the “Sister of the year award” because she took care of cleaning up the horrible mess at the table, no thanks to any help from the staff at the restaurant, although I guess I can’t blame them too much. But it didn’t end there. We left immediately, mom drove and I put Liza in her car seat. Not a mile down the road Liza vomits again, we pull over to let her get it out, clean things up and then load back up. Another mile, throw up again! Of course I’m freaking out and panicking, the poor thing is stuck in her seat and throwing up, I tell Mom to keep driving, just get us home! Thank goodness for the roll of paper towels in the back that I’m using one after the next to catch and wipe up vomit that keeps coming the entire way home. The rest of the night seemed endless.. she laid in my arms the first part of it still waking up every thirty minutes dry heaving.. uuugh, if you have not been through this with a child, I’m not sure how to explain the agony and heartbreak you experience watching your baby go through something like this, it’s awful. And then she would wake up groaning and wincing and grabbing at her stomach and throwing her arms up, I can only assume she was having stomach cramps, and all I could do was hold her through it and rub on her, and kiss her, and try to get her to drink more water that she didn’t want to drink. And then she would pass out from exhaustion in my arms again. Eventually, once the dry heaving seemed to be ending I layed her in the pack n play that was thankfully already set up in my room. I laid in my bed right next to hers waking at every movement she made to make sure I could grab her out of the bed so she could throw up again, give her more water and then she would pass out again. All night long. By early morning she finally stopped throwing up and got a couple hours of decent sleep


When we woke in the morning she was better but still so pitiful, and we traded throwing up every hour for diarrhea. She clung to me for most of the day and I will say that is the only positive thing about having a sick baby, she just wants to be still in your arms with you. We made it through that day that ended my week and after going through all of that, I felt that I could conquer anything that is to come.. until I woke the next morning with the same bug:(

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